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THE A LIST (10.27.23)

Are you ready to rock? We are so hyped for you to join us on the countdown for this week's A List.

Make sure to stay up to date with the latest and greatest songs carefully curated by your fellow music aficionados and delivered to you directly by our very own music director, Nils Illokken. Join Nils every Friday from 11a - 3p EST to hear this list and so much more!

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#10 "Break Away" - Paul Spring

Kicking off our top 10 with a song that will melt your face off is "Break Away" by Paul Spring. With echoey background vocals and a catchy melody, this one will surely make you dance.

I need variety

There's a dream I can't unsee

No way around it once you’ve found it

The thing that makes you free

His new album, Always Almost Home, is out November 10th.

#9 "The Worlds Biggest Paving Slab" - English Teacher

Where are the guitar tabs for this one? I need them desperately. Here at number nine we have English Teacher, all the way from the UK. This song has a killer chorus, dreamy yet complex chords, and a quirky music video featuring a bandmate walking around in a macrame head. What's not to like?

#8 "Melody Experiment" - Blonde Redhead

Welcome to number eight guys! Here we have the one, the only, Blonde Redhead. Lead sing Kazu Makino said this "song is a conversational piece between two is questioning the intentions, integrity, and consequences of one’s emotions and actions. She is hypersensitive. The other keeps things simple, allowing himself to go with the flow. Musically, I was able to find something that is quite true and natural to myself."

#7 "Miss Peleton" - Sylmar

Looking for a new local band? We've got you covered with Sylmar, serving you some indie stoner rock. It's laid back, groovy, and has a great bassline.

Slymar is opening for Bendingo Fletcher at Woodward Theater December 29th, make sure to get your tickets!

#6 "Early Signs of Rhythm" - Art Feynam

Sitting pretty here at number six Nigerian artist Art Feynam. This song will literally knock your socks off. It's art pop at its finest. Inspired by bands such as Talking Heads and Grace Jones, Art Feynam has such an energetic sound.

His upcoming album, Be Good The Crazy Boys, is out November 10th - and we are so excited.

#5 "BLACK MOONLIGHT" - Duran Duran

It's Halloweekend, so what better way to get into the spooky spirit than a eerie-synth Duran Duran song? I can't name one. Simon sounds fantastic, Roger's drums are amazing, and John Taylor's bass riffs are out of this world.

Their latest record, Danse Macabre, is out today! Make sure to give it a listen.

#4 "Can We Forget" - ALEXSUCKS

Back on our A List for two weeks in a row is ALEXSUCKS. Who's surprised? We're obsessed with him! The LA-based rockstar has the look, he's got the vocals, and his personality really shines through on this one.

#3 "Hell" – Sleater-Kinney

Girl duo Sleater-Kinney is coming at us with a song reminiscent of their past 90's grunge sound. "Hell" is dark and emotional, with a loud crashing chorus and heartfelt vocals from Corin Tucker.

#2 "Theia" - King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Do these boys ever sleep? Their latest release, The Silver Chord, is out today, which features Disc one, the regular versions of the songs, and Disc two, the extended versions of each song. On that side, Theia is nearly 20 minutes long. Stu Mackenzie said they're "testing the boundaries of people’s attention spans when it comes to listening to music."

#1 "Cousin" - Wilco

Hellooo number one! Wilco is number one in our hearts as always. The Chicago-based band is going back to their alt-rock routes with this one and we. love. it.

I'm cutting on you

Oh, what I want

I wouldn't want what I mean to say

I, I'm nothing

My cousin

I'm you

See you next week, friends! Dont miss us on the A List!

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