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THE A LIST (07.28.23)

Let's get movin' with this week's A List, where our Music Director, Nils Illoken, hand picks your top 10 most played tracks for the week.

Want to hear it all live? We've got you covered! Tune in with Nils, every Friday from 11a - 3p EST to hear your top picks of the week.

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#10 "Vampire Empire" - Big Theif

In true Inhailer fashion, we're starting off with a killer track. This recently released single was first brought the the public when Big Thief preformed it as an unreleased track on Colbert. It has made it to the top as a fan live favorite and the band has finally released it as a single for our enjoyment. Get ready to be mesmerized!

#9 "Catch My Wave" - Zoo

"Fallinnn, Ive been fallinn, Since you said my name"

And falling we are. You guys are lovingggg this one as we've seen it make the A List quite a few times now. Can we even blame you?

#8 "Limbo" - Jesse Lanza

Dance Pop anthems all. day. We are currently loving this dance pop beat from Jesse Lanza, and with only 300 likes this song is criminally underrated. We thought it deserved to be shared with our beautiful listeners. Give it a listen!

#7 "Ordinary Love" - Roosevelt

This synth-pop hit is just what we need this week. Roosevelt has just dropped this absolute dream of a song that we cant get enough of. Get ready to groovveee. This is a good one. Welcome to #7!

#6 "The Window" - Ratboys

Okay, its no secret we love Ratboys. Track after track this band hooks us with their innate ability to tell stories. This one is a teaser for their new album, The Window, that releases August 29th.

#5 "Tele" - Deeper

Prepare to be swept away, friends! Deeper's emergence onto the indie scene has been nothing short of impressive, with a rapidly growing fanbase and critical acclaim from music enthusiasts and critics alike. "Tele" is the latest testament to their artistic skill, solidifying their position as a force to be reckoned with in the contemporary music landscape.

#4 "Friends Of Mine" - Sundara Karma

Loving the vibes from this new Sundara Karma cut.

Will someone bring me back to life

I promise that I'll love again

These are the best of times

Somedays it feels like

I'm caught in the rain

And I'm waiting for the sun to shine

Better call those friends of mine

#3 "skin in the game" – Slowdive

This psychedelic-rock group is gearing up to release a new album, and if its anything like this one, we're all ears. The highly anticipated album ‘everything is alive’, is out September 1st via Dead Oceans.

#2 "Rigor Mortis Radio" - The Hives

They're baaackk. Yep you heard that right. After over 10 years of radio silence from this Swedish rock group, they are finally releasinga brand new album, The Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons, coming for us in August. Are you pumped? We're pretty pumped.

#1 "Fine Day Anthem" - Skrillex & Boys Noize

We have been blessed with yet another collaboration between Skrillex and Boys Noize. These two don't miss when they release songs together. This one is no different. Welcome to #1 friends!

Thanks for joining us! See you next week on the A List. Catch us live at or on our app!

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