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THE A LIST (07.14.23)

Welcome back! We've missed you, and we couldn't be more hyped for you to join us on the countdown for this week's A List.

Stay in the loop with the latest and greatest songs carefully curated by your fellow music aficionados and delivered to you directly by our very own music director, Nils Illokken. Join Nils every Friday from 11a - 3p EST to hear this list and so much more!

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#10 "Dance Now" - Girl and Girl

You might've missed them last week, but Girl and Girl is back on our top 10!! We are still obsessed with the camp, chaotic, and wild music video with Kai James running around in a chicken suit. Kai stated that the character represents a carefree woman who's "deepest desire is just to feel the wind in her wings."

#9 "Brown Money" - Sylmar

This is not a drill. New Sylmar. And more to come!! We are loving Brown Money here at Inhailer, it's got horns, synths, and that electro-rock vibe. They are currently on a tour around the country, but will be performing at the Madison Theater on July 29th! You won't want to miss one of our favorite hometown bands!

#8 "The Window" - Ratboys

We know you've probably been searching for your song of the summer. It has to be big, maybe emotional, and something you can belt in your car alone. "The Window" might just be your song! Julia Steiner has a country twang to her voice that just sings to the heart.

Make sure to check out their new album, The Window, on August 25th!

#7 "Green Chartreuse" - Tweens

Right from our hometown, Tweens dropped their latest pop-punk anthem. And we are spinning this one on repeat! Tweens says it's "a song about goin' out in a blaze of glory."

#6 "LIKED U BETTER" - Jeff Rosenstock

Jeff Rosenstock doesn't seem to miss! The Emmy-nominated Craig of the Creek songwriter dropped this punk track along with a North America tour. The music video features a muppet, and let's just say you'll have to watch to find out what happens. Jeff said dinner is served and we are loving it!

#5 "Slugs" - Slow Pulp

#5 is the one and the only Slow Pulp, whose been on our A List now for the past two weeks! This shoegazey track is slow, dreamy and absolutely perfect for the summer. Slow Pulp just got off a European tour with Death Cab for Cutie and are anticipating their release of their newest record, Yard, out on September 29th.

Cause you’re a summer hit

I’m singing it

You’re a summer hit

I’m singing it

#4 "Alive!" - Bakar

Yo babe, wake up, new Bakar just dropped. It's an indie pop banger about living in the moment, and from the music video, it literally stops traffic. Bakar explores existentialism in this piece, asking himself what it means to be alive, and why others are stuck in their ways.

Wonderin', wonderin' where you been gone

You runnin', runnin' from the system

You can't fig-, can't figure the wisdom

Searchin', searchin' for the one thing

#3 "Drunk and High" – Florry

Again on our top 10 we have Florry. This song is smooth, fresh, and is best in the heat of the summer... almost like a cold beer. Florry has such a great Americana sound to them - we are living for it! Make sure to check them out at the Neslonville Music Festival next weekend - enter to win tickets from out giveaway.

#2 "St. Charles Square" - Blur

Blur. Is. Back. This is their second single since 2019 and it is a alt-rock banger. Graham Coxon's guitar tone is stunning, Damon Albarn's vocals are great, and the music video is chaotic as ever. Make sure to listen to their latest record, The Ballad of Darren, released on July 21st. Albarn states that it "is an aftershock record, reflection and comment on where we find ourselves now."

#1 "Catch My Wave" - Zoo

Woah, #1 already? Time flies when you're having fun. And if there's something Zoo knows how to do, it's fun. This track is peaceful, beachy, and great track for July. Oh - and the steel guitar is to die for. Zoo's releasing an EP later this summer so make sure to look out for it!

See you next week, friends! Don't miss us on the A List!

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