Synthcinnati: Time To Head Back To The 80's

Time to breakout the hair spray, shoulder pads, big frame glasses, and you favorite pair of faded blue jeans because on the night of April 26 at the Woodward Theater a show based exclusively off of 80’s inspired synth music is taking place in the form of Synthcinnati.

Opening up the show is the band FLOCKS. Formed right here in Cincinnati in 2018 the band consists of Tom Buckley (drums/samples), Josh Jessen (synths/keyboard), and Stephen Patota (bass/guitar). Driven by the fasiciation of human interpretation of electronic music, the band creates experimental music with inspiration from the sounds of jazz, electronic, and hip-hop to create a sound that is truly their own.  Shortly after the bands inception they released their debut self-titled album, which for such a young album