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Jay Madera Releases The Fierce Swing-State Anthem 'A House Divided' You Need Today

Jay Madera's A House Divided is out today on your favorite streaming service. Listen here!

This song may be 'tough love,' but it is a love letter to all of us sincerely from America's favorite swing-state. Madera's song features driving piano stabs, a James Brown horn section, and an authentic, compelling vocal performance with a live feel. Regardless of one's political alliances, it is the song we need, and we need to hear it today.

A House Divided get its namesake from the warning issued by Abraham Lincoln in 1858, yet it is equally situated in our time. In a rapid-fire two and a half minutes, Madera empowers us while painfully informed by how far we have to go:

We don't need another brand taking us to the promised land

No more zero money down guarantees

We don't another story of our country's dying glory

We just need a future that we'd like to see

The song's production is playfully retro without being indulgent. Grammy-nominated sound engineer Adam Pleiman was behind the board, while Lauren Eylise and Carruthers provide mighty backup vocals. It was recorded at Cincinnati’s own Gwynne Sound and was produced by singer-songwriter and producer Mia Carruthers.

Jay’s release is accompanied by a simple request: listen, and share if it moves you. For every 10 streams this song receives from its release until election day, Madera will donate $1 to Rock the Vote, an organization founded by music executives to “engage and build the political power of young people.”

You can listen to A House Divided right here on Inhailer radio and on any major music streaming platform! Follow Madera on Facebook and Instagram for more!

Photo Courtesy of Jay Madera


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