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In.Local (06.22.24)

Love is Love! It was Pride Day here in Cincinnati so we gave a little love to all! A wonderful track from Evening Redness, a new one from Stick & Bindle, and the exciting announcement of this spectacular event!

So, here's last weeks playlist for In.Local. Enjoy!

In.Local is a two hour show playing tri-state area music,

every Saturday from 1 - 3 pm. 

Dream Away - The Yugos

Green Chartreuse - Tweens

We Can Dream Tonight - Ellery

Phoenix (feat. Fleet Foxes and Anaïs Mitchell) - Big Red Machine

Tiny Thoughts - Sweet Lil

Front Porch Light - Small Time Criminals

Ohio - Over the Rhine

You Make Me Hot - Chelsea Ravenn

Dreams - Multimagic

CraZy - Intro Signal

Figure Ground - Plastic Ants

Sixty Seconds - Bershy


The Insides of This side - Josiah Wolf

Cranberry - Quotah

Get Out - The Almost Infinite

Turn the Page - Moonbeau

Fleeting - Kid ESP

Tonight Tonight Tonight Tonight - Automagik

Lamb - Mol Sullivan

INEEDIT - Season Ten

Till next time on In.Local

24/7 Indie. DJs 7 days/week.



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