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In.Local (05.04.24)

May the 4th be with you Inhailer listener, got some new songs to the show for you this week!

Here is this weeks playlist for In.Local. Enjoy!

In.Local is a two hour show playing nothing but tri-state area music, every Saturday from 1 - 3 pm. 


Dream Away - The Yugos (Theme)

Flowers - Muwosi

Begin Again - Ashley Brandenburg (New)

BTEOTN (By The End of the Night) - Michael Andrew

Loveback - Campus Rex

Young Enough - Midlife

Control - Lung

Amateur Cartography - Small Time Criminals (New)

I Don't Mind - In the Pines

Peace and Joy - Band Z

S.I.T.S. (feat. The Cincy Brass) - Jack Blair

Blind Love - The Hiders

Cigarettes - Coastal Club (New)

The Hollows - Why?

STWYT (Stop The Way You're Talking) - Christian Nicholas Gough

Red Flag - Static Falls

Black Eye - Eat Sugar

Pixelated Lithiums - Turboslacker (New)

Sweet Plum - Wavelette

Storm Chaser - Sungaze

Fan Age - Smut

Can't Break Me Down - Heavy Hinges

Pennies - Tooth Lures a Fang (New)

Forward - Grand Process

Too Bad - Room For Zero

Life Like Art - Multimagic

Racing Mind - Mockery

Photograph - Heartless Bastards

Till next time on In.Local

24/7 Indie. DJs 7 days/week.


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