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Four Years of Inhailer Radio

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

It was Bunbury weekend, June of 2017 when Taylor Fox aka TayFo first broadcasted LIVE on Inhailer Radio at, making this week our four year anniversary. It took us a few months to figure out the format, and we've continued to tinker with it over the years, but we realized pretty quickly that our mission was to provide a space for independent music fans. We wanted to give DJ's with experience a place they could do their thing, but we also wanted to give music fans who dreamt of being a DJ an opportunity to Join In the fun. Most importantly, we wanted to give music fans in Cincinnati a place to call home.

But our story really starts in February of 2017 when WNKU announced that Northern Kentucky University intended to sell the station. Our music community was set to experience a long, drawn out, terrible loss and none of us knew exactly when the station would officially go off the air. Familiar voices like Aaron Sharpe and Liz Felix would soon be moving onto new ventures and new stations. Those of us who had the memories of losing WOXY in the early 2000's feared that all the progress our music scene had made since then could be underdone. Losing another great beacon of independent and local music was going to be a tough blow.

At first, we had the idea to try to #saveWNKU but within a few weeks, realized it was not going to be financially feasible. There was a lot of interest in doing SOMETHING but the money just wasn't there. The cost and infrastructure to run and operate a terrestrial radio station wasn't going to be possible. But in my research into radio, I found that some smaller stations had made the jump to online and app based platforms. The more I looked into it, the more I became obsessed with the idea. The thesis was simple: Could an online and app based station market to a specific location like a terrestrial station?

By April, I had had many conversations with folks interested in helping out. But it was running into TayFo at Bogarts during a Phantogram concert that would really set things in motion. Admittedly, we didn't really know what we were doing. TayFo had some college and community radio experience but for the most part, the two of us were just huge live and independent music fans. But we knew we wanted to do something and we thought if this was something the community truly needed, others would step up and help.

Since then, Inhailer truly has become a community. Over the years we've had so many wonderful people help us grow. There are too many people to mention but it truly has been a community effort. We launched our iPhone and Android apps, had In-Studio performances and interviews and made so many new friends with other music fanatics. Thank you to our wonderful contributors, DJs, listeners, donors, friends and family. We couldn't do it with out you. So come out to Fretboard Brewing tonight in Blue Ash and help us celebrate four years of Inhailer Radio!

- Coran

Founder, Inhailer Radio


Can you believe it's been 4 years since Inhailer Radio first joined the Cincinnati airwaves?! We can't believe it either but to celebrate we're throwing a FREE event at Fretboard Brewing the Friday June 11th. Featuring performances from Carriers, PHYSCO and Inhailer Radio's very own Grace Eddy.

We'll also be spinning some of our favorite tunes and broadcasting from Fretboard if you can't make it. Tune in here at, the free Inhailer Radio App or catch us on WGUC 90.9 HD-3!

Where: Fretboard Brewing (5800 Creek Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45242)

When: Friday June 11th 6-11 PM (21+ after 9 PM)

How Much: FREE!


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