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Blossom Hall and Daesy Chain: Pop-Up Pop at Herzog Music

Photo credit: St.Blanc.Studios

Looking for a break from the pranks and jokes of April Fool’s Day? Our friends at Herzog Music have got you covered. Come join us at the store for a night of record shopping and live music from two promising new groups: Blossom Hall and Daesy Chain!

What exactly is Herzog Music? If you’re not familiar, it’s the only record store in the Central Business District. Elias Leisring, owner of the delicious Eli’s BBQ, opened the store in July of last year. Herzog Music is more than just a record store, though. Leisring prides himself on his partnership with Mike’s Music, which allows him to sell great vintage gear. If that’s not enough, Herzog Music also provides instructors that teach people of all ages a variety of instruments, from guitar to hip-hop turntables! Herzog Music is a music-lover’s paradise.

Wanting to try their hands at writing weirder pop music than they had in previous bands, Nancy Paraskevopoulos (vocals, bass, synth) and Phil Cotter (vocals, guitar) formed Blossom Hall in 2015. Nancy and Phil first met when Nancy bought an overdrive pedal from Phil, and met each other several times before deciding to make music together. The second time, Phil was running sound for a show Nancy happened to be playing. Finally, Nancy ran into him again when she accidentally attended one of Phil’s shows. Charlie Schefft (drums) joined the duo two years`later after a last-minute fill-in at a gig. The band released their debut EP, Parasols, in January and plan to release their first full-length record sometime in 2019.

Wondering what their shows are like? Nancy sums it up best: "We have been playing together for so long now that I think, for us, we’re just on stage doing what we love. We’re both pretty intense people so the lyrical content is often intense, but the songs also rip." Their sound is the love-child of the Pixies and the Zombies.

Daesy Chain is a cloud pop group from Bloomington, Indiana. The six-piece consists of Biz Strother (vocals), Anju Marie Chandy (keys), Chuck Roldan (percussion), Matt Romy (bass), Chelsea Sherman (vocals), and Kenzie Main (vocals). The band met through their sister project LDYCP (pronounced Lady Cop) and turned into Daesy Chain when they added friends from other bands. The band’s first single, "WOMW," features Follies and has a beautifully choreographed music video. They are promoting their newest single, "Say to Me," with their upcoming tour.

A Daesy Chain show is an emotional experience. Here's how they describe one: "Our sound is lush, with three-part vocal harmonies and heavy beats driving our arrangements. We feel, we express, we release, we heal. Our show has been described to me as 'soul church.'"

Come hang out with a bunch of music lovers like yourself at this pop-up pop show at Herzog Music! INHAILER will be there too, so be sure to come say hello!

When: Sunday, April 1, 6:00 PM

Where: Herzog Music

How much: Free for all ages!



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