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AstroINHAIL: December Horoscopes

The themes this month are adventure, clarity, and pushing forward. As 2018 comes to an end, we should take time to reflect upon how absolutely fucked it was but you’re still here and there’s something to be said for that. What have we learned? And how can we use that to forge a, *hopefully*, much better path for the new year? With Mercury and Chiron going direct, things will start to clear up and it’ll be time to make sense of what the year’s barfed up. Process! Heal! Get ready to do it again!

"After the Storm" by Kali Uchis. This year has been a storm and it's time to figure out what we do in the wake of that.

Sagittarius: It’s been a rough year for you (source: me, a fellow struggling Saggitarius). Chiron FINALLY goes direct on the 9th. Chiron, the healer, has been in retrograde the better part of the last six months and has been especially hard for us Sagittarians. Our task of the retrograde was to heal through past traumas and bring light to those previously sealed and darkened places. Hopefully, you’ve taken some time to sort through those obstacles and are ready to implement a plan. With this being your zodiac new year, be ready to implement that plan of consistent healing and consciousness over the course of the next year.

Song: “Solid and Strong” by Kimya Dawson. It’s about GROWTH baby. Shed the dead leaves of this last year and get ready for a year of reaping the benefits of the hard work toward healing that you’ve put in this year.

Capricorn: As the year comes to a close and your zodiac new year approaches, communication will be key to ensuring 2018 will be neatly put behind you. Being so driven, it may be easy to focus on your career as the year winds down but the key to your success will be communicating your feelings and desires with those around you. Don’t leave anything unsaid as we prepare to enter 2019.

Song: "Wannabe" by Spice Girls. Communication is KEY, especially communication with your friends and lovers. Be upfront with what you want and don't beat around the bush.

Aquarius: Creative as ever, turn that creative energy toward your career and explore new avenues of both saving and making money. This month should see some of your long-term goals begin to materialize. Seek out creative ways to prepare and continue to make connections with those around you to help build toward your goal.

Song: "Freelance" by Toro y Moi. This is the perfect anthem as you ecplore new avenues of making and saving money.

Pisces: This is a great month for working on long-term projects existing projects, although the flow of new ideas may be blocked until Mercury turns direct on the sixth. Consider revisiting old work with fresh eyes and really turn it upside down. Right now is the best time to really sit and think about the path for the next year before launching into action.

Song: “Different Now” by Chastity Belt. Take some time to figure out your life. You need to get a new perspective and get a little wiser as the new year approaches.

Aries: Focus on using the Sagittarius adventurous nature to explore new hobbies, passions, and ideas. Use that same energy to identify any unorthodox methods to tie up the loose ends of the year. Get creative and be sure to discuss this creative flow of ideas with those around you in order to create the best ending of the year possible.

Song: “Easy Rider” by Action Bronson. It’s about action this month, baby. Lean into your desire to travel, see the world and seek out adventure. Rockin very loose pants.

Taurus: The past few months may have been hazy, but rest assured the fog is clearing as the year wraps up. Decisions and goals will begin to make sense and your sense of confidence and security should be improving. This month will be lively for social interactions and friends as passion, intimacy, and adventure will be calling to you this month.

Song: “Locket” by Crumb. Clarity is what’s coming this month after the haziness of the past. Be intimate and share a deeper part of yourself with a loved one this month.

Gemini: Along with Sagittarius, the Chiron retrograde’s tendency to dredge up old feelings hit you especially hard these past few months. Things will start to come to light and the path should become clearer as the year comes to a close. Be sure to be clear and upfront with your feelings and communicate your needs with those around you in order to build the most successful foundation for the new year.

Song: “Freakin U Out” by Antarctigo Vespucci. You may have felt like you’ve been freaking people out the past few months after dealing with the mess of Chiron in retrograde. Your head is finally starting to come out of the clouds.

Cancer: The feeling of adventure is strong this month for you. With the holidays approaching, use this time to create new traditions and bonds within your family and close friends. You may have been feeling blocked from moving forward in your career/goals in recent weeks, but take charge and move forward as obstacles start to disappear.

Song: “Small Talk” by Courtney Barnett. Nurture and take pride in your family and the people around you. Make sure you express your love to them and they know their worth in your life.

Leo: December will finally restore your Leo’s confidence as the path forward becomes clearer. Things will begin to stabilize at home and in your love life as the year comes to an end. While imbalance may have been king the past few months, your chance to take control and restore some order to your life is here. Pay special attention to your social connections and nurture friendships you may have let languish.

Song: “Geyser” by Mistki. This song feels as though coming out of a haze and running straight forward on a clear path. Find clarity this month and run toward it.

Virgo: Slowdowns and blocks in communication and creativity over the past few weeks may have been plaguing you, but you’ll soon be back in working order as obstacles disappear throughout the month. Mars lights up your desire to nurture your friendships, so use this opportunity of unburdened communication to forge deeper levels of relationships with those around you.

Song: “Washing Machine Heart” by Mitski. Be upfront with your feelings and desires this month. Don’t make excuses or beat around the bush, but demand clarity in your relationships this month.

Libra: Your motivation will begin to increase and you’ll finally begin to start seeing some forward momentum build up after weeks of failing to gather the energy. Leaps toward higher goals in finances and your career will be made more accessible by reaching out to others and partaking in an exchange of thoughts.

Song: “Money Tree” by Kendrick Lamar feat. Jay Rock (and sampling Beach House if you care). Money trees are the perfect place for shade for you this month. Work hard, switch lanes if you have to and get it together this month.

Scorpio: People will be seeking you out all month with Venus in your sign, so make sure to act with intention and clarity as the year wraps up. This month may see a surge in your passions and it may be time to make any romantic moves in your life. Make sure your feelings are heard and leave nothing unsaid in preparation for the new year.

Song: “Pay No Mind” by Beach House. In the song, clarity is found by looking in the eyes of a loved one. Surround yourself with those you love this month for the clarity you’ve been seeking.



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