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Light Beams: High Energy Positivity at Northside Yacht Club

A night of very free and very loud music is yours for the taking. Light Beams will be at Northside Yacht Club on September 18th at 9 p.m. alongside Knife the Symphony and Sleepcrawler.

Light Beams is the latest project for Justin Moyer. He has been active since 1996 with multiple projects including El Guapo/Supersystem, Antelope, SPRCSS, E.D. Sedgwick, and Puff Pieces. Light Beams was formed in 2015. The three-piece also consists of drummer Sam Lavine and bassist Arthur Noll. The band has released self-titled a cassette and a split 7” with Escapism, both in 2017. The bass is the driving force for just about every song and there’s an undeniable 80’s vibe permeating throughout the tracks.

Light Beams puts on a high-energy show and the high energy is all positive energy. The band says its goal is to “inspire audiences to feel good about themselves in an era when the menacing shadows of night seem more threatening than ever before.” If Justin Moyer’s musical accomplishments aren’t impressive enough, he is also a former private investigator and has written for the Washington Post.

Knife the Symphony is from right here in Cincinnati. The band’s sound could broadly be described as punk, but it’s more than that. There is a degree of sharpness and sheer intensity you won’t find with many other bands. The group has released two albums and several split 12” records. The best advice for seeing Knife the Symphony live comes straight from the band’s website: “bring your earplugs.”

Sleepcrawler is another band out of Cincinnati, but this one is very new to the scene. The three-piece indie band consists of Ryan Hickman, Matt Hemingway, and Scot Torres. Soft guitar melodies and smooth but powerful vocals are two defining features of this band’s sound. There really isn’t too much to say about this group just yet, but if the lovely sounds from the videos posted on its Facebook page are anything to go off of, this band is definitely one to watch.

So be sure to come out to Northside Yacht Club on September 18th at 9 p.m. Since this is Northside Yacht Club, the show is 21+, but it’s also free. You can’t go wrong with this variety of artists.

When: September 18th at 9 p.m

Where: Northside Yacht Club

How much: Free, 21+



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