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Your Astro INHAIL: September Horoscopes

This month is basically about setting in motion the plans to fix the chaos that was eclipse season. As the Sun enters Virgo and Saturn turns direct, structure and solid plans will start to form. The latter half of this year has been about healing in order to elevate ourselves. Use the Virgo Sun to focus yourself and the Mars full moon to really propel the plan into action this month.

This month’s mood: “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor Girl I wasn’t playing! This month is about GOALS. We are setting them! Achieving them! Crushing them! Keep your eye on the prize and stick to the game plan.

Virgo - The Sun is in your sign and hopefully can help you shed the confusion of last month in favor of your signature Virgo focus. Stay focused on the goal and with Chiron’s retrograde hitting your sign particularly hard, that goal may be healing. With this being your Zodiac new year, extend the lessons you’re learning to the full year. Don’t put pressure on yourself to heal or grow at a certain pace, just focus on the goal of growth in general.

“No More Shame, No More Fear, No More Dread” by AJJ. This month may start out purposeless but the goal of this month is to get to a place of no more shame, fear, or dread!

Libra- Some of the astrological chaos that may have had you off balance the past few months is starting to clear up so you may start feeling more yourself again. It may be easy to get caught in the weeds this month but rely on your judgment to discerning about which details require your energy, especially as your Zodiac new year approaches. As you prepare for the new year, focus on how you can change for the better this year and what steps you'll need to take to realize it.

“Better Son or Daughter” by Rilo Kiley. Things may have been hectic and confusing, but there is hope for the fog to clear

Scorpio- Emotions may be running high this month but don’t be afraid to get creative with ways to deal with them. Your ruling planet enters Aquarius so it may be beneficial to channel everything you’re feeling into a new project. Let this new project teach you lessons both about failure and planning. Let your passions lead you to a place of clarity this month.

“Skatepark” by AJJ. Channel all your feelings into a hobby and feel yourself improve.

Sagittarius- Things are starting to fall into place for you. With Saturn going direct, a plan may be starting to form for how to deal with what has been bubbling to the surface over the past few months. Take advantage of Virgo’s attention to detail to make sure the plan is iron-clad before making any rash decisions, as you are wont to do.

“What’s Next?” by OFF! What’s next? Who’s gonna save your world? You gotta come up with a plan A, at least.

Capricorn- You may be feeling a lot of stress this month. Virgo’s attention to detail coupled with your work ethic may easily become overwhelming. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Be sure to nurture your passions and subconscious desires this month before focusing on the goals of the physical plain.

“Feelin Myself” by Nicki Minaj feat. Beyonce. Focus on you! Spend this month getting to know you and what you want.

Aquarius- The full moon in Aries will help you breathe new life into your latest creative venture. Couple that fire with Virgo’s attention to detail and you should begin to see great progress on your projects. Although you may be toeing the boundaries of your creative limits, don’t let that stop you from charging forward to new ground.

“Avant Gardener” by Courtney Barnett. Focus your energy on creating something positive, like a garden.

Pisces- The tumultuous eclipse season may have had you performing emotional labor for those around you at a higher rate than your normally selfless self is prepared for. This month is about focus and balance. Make sure to rebalance the way you are caring for others in a way that you are still a priority. Treat yourself this month and take to evaluate who and what truly deserves your time.

“Good as Hell” by Lizzo. Treat yourself and make sure you’re feeling good as hell this month.

Aries- You may feel particularly ready to make things happen this month. Use this fire to push you forward, especially in the way of your career. Focus on a few key places to channel your enthusiasm into, instead of overloading. Be choosy with your drive this month.

“My Friends Over You” by New Found Glory. Be as passionate about your goals as a 2000’s pop punk dude is about his friends!

Taurus- This month will be about taking control and charging forward, especially with your interpersonal relationships. Venus, your ruling planet, will be entering retrograde soon. While retrogrades can often seem negative, this month will be about preparing to make some tough decisions about what and whom you really value in your life and what course of action you'll take.

“Heat Wave” by Snail Mail: Don’t settle for sometimes, weigh out who deserves your time

Gemini- Clarity is coming soon, Gemini, I promise! The various retrogrades of the summer have taken their toll on you. With your tendency to see all possible outcomes, deciding where to go from here may have been the hardest part. With Saturn going direct and defining your limitations, a logical path will begin to form.

“I Saw the Sign” by Ace of Bass. You’ll be seeing the sign for what’s next soon

Cancer- The Sun in Virgo should help bring you down from the clouds. You may have been letting your emotions get the best of you, but now is the time to start thinking practically about the goals you set for yourself at your new year.

“Daydreamin” by Lupe Fiasco: Stop your daydreaming and come back down to earth

Leo- You may have had a big start off to your Zodiac new year, but the dust is starting to settle. The past month should have enlightened you more about the depth of yourself and now it’s time to decide what to do with what you’ve learned. Channel that Leo ‘self-centeredness’ into a force for good to focus on what you truly need to continue the momentum of growth for the rest of the year.

“G.O.A.T.” by Princess Nokia- Take time to focus on you and your goals so you can truly be the greatest of all time



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