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Leggy: Lush Punk at MOTR Pub

Photo credit: Jesse Fox

They’ve been called Cincinnati’s next big musical export: Leggy returns to MOTR as a band that’s beginning to get international attention. A self-described lush punk band whose songs offer a fun mix of aggression and playfulness, Leggy is every bit worthy of the hype they have received. Join them for a free show at MOTR pub in OTR before they break out of the scene.

Leggy consists of high school friends Veronique Allaer and Kerstin Bladh, who started playing together when they attended Cincinnati’s Ursuline Academy. The band didn’t get its official start until Allaer had a near death experience in 2013. Since then, with the addition of drummer Chris Campbell, Leggy has recorded three EPs with a full album recorded at Cincinnati’s Ultrasuede studios on the way.

However, their biggest break came from their self titled compilation album, which was released in the U.K. through international label Damnably. Leggy not only earned the band some fans across the pond, but also served as a statement to those listening back home that these local punks have what it takes it make it out of the Cincinnati scene. With international shows, a set at Bunbury, and a year of extensive touring under their belt, Leggy will take to the stage at MOTR for one last show this summer.

Known for local radio regulars like “Kick the Habit” and “Sweet Teeth,” Leggy excels at writing songs that are catchy, fast, and direct. Like any good punk band, there is a fair amount of surf influence in their music with just enough of a dark undercurrent to make it really stick. Leggy’s music offers plenty to dance and mosh to, so be prepared for things to get a little rowdy in MOTR’s perpetually cramped main room. Not that there's any better way to experience a band like Leggy.

Cincinnati has a rich tradition of turning out bands that make international waves. From the National, to Walk the Moon, to the on-the-verge Dawg Yawp, it seems that five years don’t go by without a local band making a big break. Leggy has all the tools to be the next Cincinnati band to make it big. If you don’t believe the hype, come out to MOTR Friday August 24 and see them for yourself. They won’t be playing free shows forever.

When: Friday, August 24, 9 PM

Where: MOTR Pub

How much: Free (21 and up)



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