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Meet illSONIC Radio, INHAILER's New Partner Station

It's been in development and under wraps for months, but it's finally here: tomorrow, Friday, July 27, illSONIC Radio will launch its online radio stream. At 12:00 AM sharp, illSONIC will begin to fill the airwaves with the best in local and global RnB and Hip-Hop on, with its first full day of programming beginning at 7:00 AM.

Like INHAILER Radio, illSONIC will stream 24/7 with daily live programming. The resident DJ lineup includes founder and director Danielle Morris, program manager L-Train, DJ Wavy Moe, and TRIIIBE's PXVCE, and you'll find more specialty programming on the weekends. Here's the full schedule:

Danielle Morris, Founder and Station Director, started with her show DM in the PM on INHAILER Radio and now brings over her talent to illSonic. “We saw what ​INHAILER​ Radio was doing for the indie community and the platform it was providing for local artists and we wanted to give back to the R&B and Hip-Hop community in the same way.” Morris stated. “Cincinnati has so much music talent right now, and it’s important they have a streaming outlet that recognizes that.”



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