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Black Signal, Hexadiode and FLOCKS: Dark Electronica at NSYC

Black Signal

Northside Yacht Club is notorious for live, local music in Cincinnati. The nautical-themed bar/restaurant/stage/local-hangout-for-everyone-to-enjoy is hosting electronic bands from the Ohio River Valley. The shows at NSYC are as unique as the venue--the bands on July 20th are no run-of-the-mill electronica groups. Hexadiode is celebrating EBM in a high tech world, FLOCKS composes soundscapes in their new take on a three-piece band, and Black Signal is the foil to them all with their taste of a dark, dystopian future. Enter NSYC and find yourself 2,000 light years from home.

Founded in the run-down factory district of Dayton, the duo of Hexadiode takes their audience back to the age of EBM, only made with the latest in 21st-century technology. Influenced by Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, and Cardinal Noire, Tim Krug, and Jonas Miseh have been playing countless shows around the Cincinnati area since 2014 and have recently picked up popularity through their new album Contaminated. Consuming in dark-electronica, dancing in the dark and neon lights is what they encourage at Hexadiode shows. The room indulges in the electro-industrial act, falling in and out of the experimental side of music, creating a new, unique take on art damage.

Only forming last May, FLOCKS is a promising band from the Queen City that is said to be “driven by the fascination with the possibilities of human interpretation of electronic sounds.” Composed of only three members, they use traditional instruments such as vocals, bass, and drums and transform them into synthetic texture through their electronic forms. Tom Buckley, Josh Jessen, and Stephen Patota are the founding members of FLOCKS and have played across the world with other acts such as Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo) and Huntertones. They’ve released their debut, self-titled album FLOCKS and have been working in the studio perfecting their panoramic soundscapes and are now ready to bring it to you live on stage.

Lit with blue LED helmets and projected lights scattering across the stage, Black Signal puts on an immersive live show. Matt Ogden, Joe Thompson, Patrick Apfelbeck, Eugenius, and Von Claire make up the band, creating their dark electronic sounds and structures that transform into a dystopian, otherworldly landscape. It’s obvious that they lead Cincinnati’s electronic music scene, having been nominated twice (2015, 2017) and won the Cincinnati Entertainment Award for Best Electronic Act two years (2014, 2016). As told by CityBeat, “Black Signal creates a collage of varying electronic sounds and structures, providing danceable beatscapes that morph into dark, nightmarish atmospherics without advance warning.” This dark-synth band takes the show into the cold depths of space and far beyond into the future.

Bringing both experienced artists together with fresh acts, Northside Yacht Club goes from nautical Cincinnati bar to an electronic night with the three local synth groups Hexadiode, FLOCKS, and Black Signal. The futuristic line-up along with food and local beer is sure to be a good night for any fan of electronica.

When: Friday, July 20, doors open 9pm / 10pm show Where: Northside Yacht Club How Much: n/a



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