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Flint Eastwood: Indie Pop Queen at the Taft Theatre

She's the Dirty Harry of leading women in indie pop, a queen with something to fight for. And when you’re signed to a label called Neon Gold Records, you’re sure to put out some flashy music. That's Flint Eastwood: glamorous, regal, and intensely passionate.

Flint Eastwood started in Detroit in 2010 when brother/sister duo Jax and Seth Anderson started jamming to some indie pop. Their first EP, Late Nights in Bolo, was released in 2013, and they have since shared with us two more albums: Small Victories in 2015 and Broke Royalty just last year. The music is captivating and organic, drawing you in with personality the feels genuine at every turn. Jax Anderson’s voice is raspy and enthralling, and the tunes dance between super upbeat and club-y to rougher around the edges with a strong punk influence.

Broke Royalty's hit single, "Queen," is Jax' testament to being a woman in modern music. Billboard loved the song’s “bass heavy brassiness” as Jax belts out a call for women to lead. To put it simply, it's badass. You can tell that the band channels this energy in their performances, too. The group brings all the hype and passion to the stage. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention their music videos, too, which are concise, beautiful, and aesthetically composed.

Flint Eastwood will grace Cincinnati with a show that's not to be missed. The beauty of Taft Theatre and the sheer talent of Jax and her band will create an unforgettable musical experience. Stop by and say hello when you're there!

When: Tuesday, February 13, 8:00 PM

Where: Taft Theatre Ballroom

How much: $9



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